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Privacy Policy

Let’s keep it short and simple:


  1. You cannot be identified when surfing on this website. I am using Google Analytics where the only data of users I am tracking for my own curiosity are the following: City (whatever city your system decides to show), country (same), your operating system (Windows, OS, iOS, etc.), language, internet provider and time of the day. Also, what page/medium made you visit my website (such as Facebook, Instagram, other website, Google, etc.), the landing page, which other pages on this website have been visited and for how long. Nothing that could make me identify you clearly. It only helps me to adapt the content to the visitors, shows me what people are interested in and on which media it is worth to share content. Never anybody else will see this data.

  2. The only time I know who you are (not exactly, but your name or pseudo) is when you decide to fill out the Contact-form. Only I get the message, it is never published anywhere. If you fill out the e-mail-address, I might answer you when you had a question or a remark or I’ll just to say thank you! I will afterwards not contact you again, your e-mail-address will not be saved anywhere, and no one will ever get to see it. If you don’t want me to know your e-mail-address, just put in a made-up-e-mail-address such as If you send me an e-mail to, I will of course know your e-mail-address, otherwise that wouldn’t make sense. I for sure do not sell e-mail-addresses or do anything else with it.

  3. No cookies on this website. I wouldn’t even know how to make that work.

  4. I am not responsible for any content or the privacy policy of linked websites.

  5. If you have a question regarding this privacy policy, contact me:

  6. If you don’t agree to this, please leave this website, thank you.

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