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About Nicole Joos

Born in 1984, living in Berne, Switzerland.


Addicted to music from an early age. Went to hundreds of concerts and was working on events. I always loved the atmosphere in the venue before the concert, the anticipation of the lights turning off and the sound of the first note hitting the hall. The energy and emotions on stage, spreading to the crowd. The time spent there, lost in the beauty of music. The feeling when leaving and having spent a few hours away from daily life. The memories that last.


Bought a Nikon-camera in 2012 and got really passionate about taking photos. Love to have a different view on things through the lens, searching for details in cities and the right spot and moment for photos of the beautiful nature. I like architecture, symmetries, colours, the sky, water, the evening sun, clouds and cities by night.


Ever since it was my - then thought never realizable - dream to combine those two passions and to once shoot a concert from the pit. When I got my first photopass in july 2015, I definitely got the virus. Since then, I’ve had the privilege to bring my cameras to many concerts and shoot for artists, promoters, webzines and this website.


Being accredited to a concert and entering the venue with a backpack full of photogear is always a pleasure. Shooting from the pit or searching my way through the crowd for a spot is a challenge. „First three songs, no flash“ are the magic words, being allowed to shoot a full show and from the stage is an honor. Catching emotions of the talented artists on a picture is priceless. I am forever thankful to everybody who participated on making all that possible.


Looking forward to shoot many more concerts. Contact me when interested in photos.



Nicole Joos

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent”

-Victor Hugo-

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